Which Hospital Is Best For Delivery?

Who is the best gynecologist in Delhi?

List of 6 Best Gynecologists in Delhi NCR:Dr.

Anita Gupta.Dr.

Anita K Sharma.Dr.

Bharti Minocha.Dr.

Usha M Kumar.Dr.

Nikita Trehan.Dr.

(Prof) Sadhana Kala..

Which hospital is best for normal delivery in Delhi?

Top Maternity & Delivery Hospitals in Delhi/NCRColumbia Asia, Palam Vihar.Adiva Super-Specialty.Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals.BLK Super Specialty Hospital.Fortis Hospital, Noida.Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj.Columbia Asia, Ghaziabad.Fortis Escorts, Faridabad.More items…

What is a painless delivery?

What is Painless Delivery? Painless delivery refers to the use of an epidural injection which is given by an anaesthesiologist for pain relief during labour. It is injected in the lower back, and a plastic tube is placed through which drugs are released around the spinal cord.

Can you choose what public hospital for birth?

The best way to find out a hospital’s catchment area is to call them and ask, or else ask your midwife or doctor. As a private patient, you would have the ability to choose not only who looks after you, but also which hospital you give birth at. However, there would usually be fees for private care.

How far is too far to drive to give birth?

Two hours away is probably a little far especially in places where there is a lot of traffic. We often tell our clients that a two-hour distance will likely work for their first baby but might not for the second since second labors tend to be fast!

How much is cesarean delivery?

The average costs for a Cesarean or C-section birth range from $7,500 – $14,500. Complications during birth, however, for a vaginal or C-section delivery will increase the charges for childbirth.

How many maximum hospitals are there in Delhi?

14 hospitalsWith a network of 14 hospitals spread across the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Punjab, Max Healthcare offers treatment across 29 specialties. The group has 2,300 leading doctors who provide world-class health care services.

Which hospital is best for baby delivery?

Top 16 Delivery & Maternity Hospitals in BangaloreMotherhood Hospital, Indiranagar.Birthright by Rainbow, Marathahalli.Fortis La Femme.Birthright by Rainbow, Bannerghatta Road.Motherhood Hospital, Sarjapur Road.The Nest, Bannerghatta Road.Manipal Hospitals, HAL Road.Aster Women and Children Hospital, Hebbal.More items…

How do I choose a hospital delivery?

While there are lots of factors to consider, here are 7 things the maternity hospital you choose should offer.Clinical Excellence in Labor and Delivery. … A Special Care Nursery. … Birthing Options. … Pain Relief Choices for Labor. … Postpartum Care for You and Your Baby. … Breastfeeding Support. … Pre- and Postnatal Care and Classes.

Can I have a baby at any hospital?

An ob-gyn can’t just deliver babies at any hospital you choose, though some have admitting privileges at multiple facilities. Your insurance will dictate the doctors it will cover and, by doing so, what hospitals are available to you as a patient.

Can I change hospital to give birth?

If you’re sure about a change, tell your midwife or GP and they can organise switching you to another hospital. You can even change your mind about where to give birth during labour .