Quick Answer: Who Becomes VP On West Wing?

Who replaces Leo McGarry as vice president?

Matt SantosMatt Santos (in universe; office holder)Vice PresidentEric BakerPreceded byJosiah BartletSucceeded byUnknownMember of the U.S.

House of Representatives from Texas’s 18th district28 more rows.

Do Charlie and Zoey end up together?

Zoey and Charlie’s relationship ends in the second season, largely due to Charlie’s demanding work schedule. … Later, in the sixth season, Charlie and Zoey are shown to have resumed their relationship, with Charlie even considering asking Zoey to marry him.

What happened to the Vice President on West Wing?

The West Wing Guide: Vice President John Hoynes. Position: Vice President – as of “Life on Mars”, he is the former Vice President. Resigned due to revealing secrets to a lover who is now writing a book.

Why did Hoynes leave West Wing?

John Hoynes is an American politician of the Democratic Party, who served as Vice President of the United States under Josiah Bartlet from 1999 to 2003, when he resigned due to a sex scandal.

Who replaced Leo West Wing?

When West Wing boss John Wells told Janney that her press secretary C.J. Cregg would replace Leo McGarry (John Spencer) as the president’s chief of staff this season, she freaked. “There was silence for a full minute,” Janney says. “I went, ‘What?

Did Leo McGarry die?

Spencer’s death was later written into the show’s seventh and final season, in which McGarry was said to have died of a heart attack on election night. Coincidentally, McGarry had also suffered a near-fatal heart attack in the show’s sixth season.

Does CJ end up with Danny?

After the Bartlet administration came to an end, Danny moved to Santa Monica, California, alongside C.J. By the time of the Bartlet Presidential Library dedication, taking place three years in the future (circa 2009-2010), Danny and C.J. are living together in Santa Monica and have a baby together.

Does CJ Cregg resign?

C.J. resigns as Press Secretary. … The episode The Wake Up Call marks a significant turning point in C.J.’s relationship with both the President and her new role, when she tells Bartlet he needs to trust her to do her job after an international crisis involving Iran.

Why did Leo chose CJ?

In the scope of the story, Leo knew that Josh needed to find his own candidate and look after the future of the democratic party, and so chose CJ to handle things for the last 2 years of the presidency where they could work on the Bartlet legacy.